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The Negativity Scene® is the brainchild of artist and musician, David Nedrow. Following a casual conversation with his sister and niece about a family friends “Bah Humbug” attitude towards the upcoming Holiday Season, David joked that the friend should display a “Negativity Scene” instead of a Nativity Scene. That phrase and the image it created never left David’s mind and in a matter of weeks, a crude Negativity Scene® was delivered to his niece, and a new family Christmas tradition was born.

Now, with your help, everyone can enjoy and celebrate the Christmas season with their own high quality Negativity Scene®.

We spent a few months designing, refining and perfecting the Negativity Scene® figures into the set you see here. The heads are designed to be slightly out of scale with the bodies to accentuate the unique facial features.

The Negativity Scene

See the characters!
Front-Manger Front-Lamber Front-King-II Front-King-III Front-King-I Front-Joseph Front-Jesus Front-Dave

Dave and Bob give 10% of the profits to local charities.

Check-out our Negativity Song:

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